A New Suitcase

I just got back from buying a replacement suitcase. It’s a little bigger than the one I brought with me, although it’s not hardshell. The price was roughly $75.

I’m going to try and duck tape the other suitcase, but I don’t really expect it to work. However, maybe I can use it for some light weight things.

New Suitcase
New vs Old

Hotel Opera Gothenburg

This is the hotel (Hotel Opera) where I’m spending Monday and Tuesday nights.

I have actually been in Gothenburg before. Forty years ago (1979) while serving in the Air Force in England at RAF Bentwaters, I caught an overnight ferry from Felixstowe, England to Gothenburg, Sweden. The day that I arrived in Gothenburg, there were posters everywhere stating that Abba was performing in concert in their arena. It was quite a treat to be one of probably only a few Americans to see Abba perform in their home country.

One of my great memories of the European Cold War era.