October 26, 2018 Lunchtime Strings with the Sounds of Life Duo

Iryna & Liudmyla

Another great performance by Liudmyla and Iryna, the Sounds of Life Duo, during the lunch hour in Vision of the Seas’ Schooner Bar. These wonderful women play such sweet and soothing music that at times seems almost hypnotic – taking me away from all of the loud noise around the ship and feeling overwhelmed with crowds of people. They are quite exceptional in playing different pieces all the way from classical to more modern sounds.

I’m not a music critic and have lost total hearing in my left ear and have some hearing loss in my right ear, but I have enough of an ear for music tknow these gals put their heart and their soul into their playing, which combined with their experience of performing, creates a sound that I wish more and more people these days would truly appreciate.

I really loved it when they presented Scott Joplin’s, The Entertainer, which was used in the from the 1973 Oscar winning movie The Sting. I thought they were superb!

Iryna & Liudmyla

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