Have You Shopped At Maxi Pali?

Yesterday after boarding a minibus for a tour, we made a quick stop at Maxi Pali. The tour guide ran in and bought some drinks to put in a cooler.


Maxi Pali is operated out of San Jose, Costa Rica. If you haven’t already guessed, their main corporate office is an International retail company located in Bentonville, Arkansas. I think by now you’ve figured out that I’m talking about Walmart.

November 1, 2018 Amazing Story


Just saw this on TV. This British veteran has a special boat that he is planning to row across the Atlantic from the Virgin Islands to Antigua to raise money for veteran charity.


They didn’t say when he plans to begin his venture, but I can personally tell you after my recent cruise across the Atlantic, I think this is quite an amazing story and he has a very huge goal ahead of him.

October 30, 2018 Great Show Last Night


Last night the singers and dancers onboard Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas entertained a packed audience performing Boogie Wonderland in the Masquerade Theater for their final time together. These young men and women are ending their current contract with Royal Caribbean as some will be reassigned to other ships  while others will go home and await a future contract offer.

They did a wonderful job of singing and dancing to many disco era songs, as well as some of the greatest hits of Abba.

Awesome show!


October 29, 2018 Monday Morning


Overnight the atmosphere of the Centrum on Deck 4 of Vision of the Seas changed to a Halloween theme. I’ve heard that there are several passengers who brought Halloween costumes to wear during tomorrow night’s final night of this 13 night cruise from Barcelona to Miami. It should be interesting to see what people were able to cram into their luggage.