November 1, 2018 Amazing Story


Just saw this on TV. This British veteran has a special boat that he is planning to row across the Atlantic from the Virgin Islands to Antigua to raise money for veteran charity.


They didn’t say when he plans to begin his venture, but I can personally tell you after my recent cruise across the Atlantic, I think this is quite an amazing story and he has a very huge goal ahead of him.

October 28, 2018 King Neptune Grants Safe Passage

King Neptune and party onboard Vision of the Seas on Saturday, October 27, 2018

During my TransAtlantic journey yesterday afternoon on Vision of the Seas, the ship crossed over into the Forbidden Zone. To continue with the voyage, certain members of the crew were brought before King Neptune to receive punishment for dastardly deeds, such as giving wrong directions to the rest room, not allowing second trips to the buffet, scheduling excursions during sea days and other things that tormented passengers during the cruise.

As punishment, King Neptune instructed his henchmen to bring the accused before him to receive their punishment that could be said to be a meal fit for a king. Once punishment of the crewmembers was concluded, King Neptune granted Vision of the Seas to continue safe passage on to Nassau on Tuesday and Miami on Wednesday. King Neptune then returned to his kingdom domain of protecting the Atlantic Ocean’s Forbidden Zone.

October 27, 2018 Saturday Morning


It’s a beautiful Saturday morning on the Atlantic Ocean. As Vision of the Seas inches closer and closer to the Bahamas for our Tuesday morning arrival at Nassau, the weather is warming up. Plus, instead of being overcast with clouds yesterday, there are very few clouds in the sky today.

It looks to be a very awesome day at sea.