October 20, 2018 Malaga, Spain


Vision of the Seas arrived in Malaga, Spain this morning around 11 o’clock. Upon exiting the ship through the cruise terminal, I purchased a round trip shuttle bus ticket from the cruise port to the city for 5 Euros.

Stepping outside the cruise terminal to catch the bus, it poured rain – and I mean it really poured. I was completely soaked in the short time it took me to get on the bus. Fortunately by the time I arrived in the city the rain had slowed and soon stopped. However, I walked around for a few hours in wet shoes and socks.

I did manage to have a good time. I was going to ride the biggest ferris wheel on continental Europe, but due to the weather it was closed. Perhaps one day in the future I will get another chance if God allows me to one day return to Malaga.

I took over 100 photos around Malaga. Click here to view them all.


October 19, 2018 Friday


Yesterday Vision of the Seas departed Barcelona at 5:00 pm and we sailed through a rainy night to arrive in Cartagena (where the red arrow is pointing) at 11:00 am this morning.


After a quick breakfast of cereal and yogurt, I will be making my way off the ship. I don’t have any excursions planned, so I will walk around the city port area and return to the ship later this afternoon for a dinner reservation in one of the ship’s specialty restaurants. Dinner this evening will be an awesome steak at Chops. I love steak!

I was hoping to already have more photos uploaded, but I apologize because the wifi internet on the ship was very slow due to the weather. Perhaps the rest of the cruise it will be better.

Since the previous post, I have found that it is better to upload one photo at a time, although it still takes a great deal of time.

Click here to view photos taken in Cartagena, Spain today.